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Vitamin D- Whats all the Fuss?

Posted on June 26, 2018 at 9:20 AM

Everywhere you go there is talk about Vitamin D. But what's all the hype about?

There is no surprise that vitamins are good for the body and for your health, but many may not know exactly what each vitamin can do for your health and where to find it in food. Vitamin D, which is a unique vitamin for many reasons, is widely considered to be one of the most powerful antioxidants (vitamins are antioxidants) around. Why is this? Vitamin D has been extensively studied in a variety of ways ranging to its benefits on skin, how it affects health and cancer risk, and recently on how it can potentially help your skin to heal quicker once it is damaged from UV rays (sun burn). In addition, the body cannot absorb any calcium without this valuable vitamin, making this an essential vitamin you need more of.

Getting sunlight is critical to ensure that you are getting enough vitamin D, which protects against heart disease, osteoporosis, and cancers of the colon, prostate, and breast. Sunlight also fights against insomnia, depression, and an overactive immune system. But on the other hand, too much sun is dangerous and can even be deadly. So how much sun is too much? And when is the best time to catch some rays?

How much sun do we need daily?

When sunlight comes in contact with skin, a reaction happens that allows skin cells to produce vitamin D. For a person with fair skin, experts have determined that going outside for 10 minutes in the midday sun wearing a tank top and shorts with no sunscreen is enough to produce approximately 10,000 IUs (international units) of vitamin D. People with darker skin or the elderly produce less of the vitamin. So if UV rays are harmful after a certain amount of time spent in the sun- what about sunscreen?

Here is what Collective Evolution has to say about sunscreens;

Summer may be a long way off, but it’s never too early to start thinking about protecting your skin. For most people, this means covering themselves in sunscreen, which corporate marketing campaigns encourage at every turn. Yet, while we do indeed need protection to prevent sunburns, blocking out the sun entirely is not ideal. Rich in vitamin D, it offers a number of other health benefits, including, oddly enough, cancer prevention. We’ve been made to fear the sun, and, as a result, adults and children are choosing to drench themselves in a bath of toxic, hormone-disrupting chemicals.

Science has long shown that what we put on our skin ends up in our bodies, and quickly. Multiple studies from across the world have examined sunscreen in particular, evaluating its ingredients and how it penetrates and absorbs into the skin after application. One study, conducted at the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Manitoba, Canada, sought to develop a method for quantifying common sunscreen agents. Results demonstrated a significant penetration of all sunscreen agents into the skin, meaning all of these chemicals are entering multiple tissues within the body. Conversely, a study published in Environmental Health Perspectives showed a significant drop in hormone-disrupting chemicals that are commonly found in personal care products after participants switched to ‘cleaner’ products. These chemicals include oxybenzone, triclosan, parabens, phthalates, and more. You can read more about that and access the study here. All of these ingredients are found within most poplar sunscreens.


This could in fact be the most troublesome ingredient found in the majority of popular sunscreens. Used because it effectively absorbs ultraviolet light, it’s also believed to cause hormone disruption and cell damage, which could promote cancer.

According to the Environmental Working Group:

Commonly used in sunscreens, the chemical oxybenzone penetrates the skin, gets into the bloodstream and acts like estrogen in the body. It can trigger allergic reactions. Data are preliminary, but studies have found a link between higher concentrations of oxybenzone and health harms. One study has linked oxybenzone to endometriosis in older women; another found that women with higher levels of oxybenzone during pregnancy had lower birth weight daughters.

There are also many other ingredients of concern- so how do you choose a sunscreen? The Environmental working group is a nonprofit organization devoted to testing our world for toxic chemicals. They have just released The 2018 Guide to Sunscreens which rate products for children and adults. To find this guide visit;

The sun is not your enemy- in fact you must have this majestic star's amazing power to survive.

So you do the homework and find a product that is safe for your body when you will be spending extended time in the sun.

Happy Healthy Living!

Dana about vit d

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